Trisha Victorio

My 2nd shooter Andy Bang and I, had a really good time shooting the #haramon wedding at the end of April! Super beautiful bride, and handsome groom, it was a match made in heaven! It was also supposed to rain buckets that day, but instead we were greeted with nothing but blue skies and sunshine. :) (more…)

The wedding video I shot for Fred and Angelina was featured on a blog! It’s tiny but if you scroll all the way to the end, she posted my video. How awesome is that!

I was introduced to Fred by my wedding photographer friend, Andy Bang.  I met him and his wife for the first time on the day of their event. They’re such a cute couple! They got married officially in Korea, but they wanted to have a reception in Cerritos to share their union in love with their family and friends.


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dex + nix

Dexter and Nikki invited all of their closest friends and family to join them on a cruise to the Carribean to witness their nuptials in the Virgin Islands of St. Thomas. I was lucky enough to bare witness to their love and capture a video to be shown at their reception in snowy Toronto the following week. The view was breathtaking and the weather was gorgeous!